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EXTREMELY FINE QUALITY HAND PAINTED, GAUTAMA, SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA, THANGKA, THANKA, TANKA, BUDDHIST ART Size: 17-inches x 21-inches( 43cm x 53cm) Material: Canvas Color: Gold This is the highest quality, fine painting done with pure gold. The painting was made some 5 years ago. Thangka comes in a role, without a Borde/Brocade. A silk Border can be applied upon an additional charge. This is an original hand-painted Buddhist art, SHAKYAMUNI GAUTAMA BUDDHA Thangka. The Thangka is painted with gold by a highly learned Buddhist Lama. Shakyamuni is a historical Buddha born in Lumbini Nepal in 6th. century B.C.E. Import Duties, Tax Import duties, taxes, and other charges ( if any) at destination countries are the responsibility of individual buyers.

REVIEWS OF Gurkha Nepal Hand-painted, Shakyamuni, Gautama Buddha, Tibetan Thangka Art, Painting 17 x 22-inch

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