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Size of Painting :22-inch x 28-inch (55cm x 71cm) Material: Canvas Color: Gold

This is a beautiful hand-painted WHITE TARA Thangka, a world-class art form, that is written on a canvas using gold as principal color. White Tara is referred to as the Mother of all the Buddhas. This is because she embodies the motivation that is compassion. Her whiteness "Radiant as the eternal snows in all their glory" is indicative of the selflessness -- the purity -- of this compassion but especially the undifferentiated Truth of the Dharma. We use different colors including gold depicting various aspects of life, creation, and universe. What is Thangka? � A thangka, also known as tangka, thanka or tanka is a painting on cotton, or silk applique�, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. � The thangka is not a flat creation like an oil painting or acrylic painting but consists of a complex subject. � Generally, thangkas last a very long time and retain much of their luster, but because of their delicate nature, they have to be kept in dry places where moisture won't affect the quality of the painting. � The Thangkas serve as important teaching tools depicting the life of the Buddha, various influential lamas, and other deities and bodhisattvas. � The Thangka, when created properly, performs several different functions. Images of deities can be used as teaching tools when depicting the life (or lives) of the Buddha, describing historical events concerning important Lamas, or retelling myths associated with other deities. � The Devotional images act as the centerpiece during a ritual or ceremony and are often used as mediums through which one can offer prayers or make requests.

REVIEWS OF Hand-painted White Tara Tibetan Thangka Art on Canvas, 22 x 28-inch

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