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FINE QUALITY HAND PAINTED, VAJRASATTVA SHAKTI, THANGKA, THANKA, TANKA, BUDDHIST ART Size: 22-inches x 30-inches( 56cm x76cm) Material: Canvas Color: Gold This is the high quality, Thangka painting of original Vajrasattva with his concert Shakti painted by an expert lama. Vajrasattva is one of the sixth Dhyani Buddha, the Buddha of purification. Shakti is his consort. Thangka comes in a role, without a Borde/Brocade. A silk Border can be applied upon an additional charge. Import Duties, Tax Import duties, taxes, and other charges ( if any) at destination countries are the responsibility of individual buyers.

REVIEWS OF Gurkha Nepal Hand-painted, VAJRASATTVA SHAKTI, Tibetan Thangka Art, Painting in Gold 20 x 30-inch

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